Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Talk to Me by Mira Noire

 While running errands, a thirty-something professional's fantasies spark when he sees a fresh-faced, barely legal beauty giving him a look he can't resist. When he sees her again, the girl slips into his car and into his head, exciting him and scaring him at the same time. Who is she? What does she want?

She says she just wants to talk, but this mysterious young seductress is still a virgin, with a burgeoning body and a mouth like a whore. And the way she's touching and talking to him make it more and more likely that the two of them are going to be doing more than just talking.

 “Do you want my name?” She was playful. She released her tongue and smiled with gentle cheekiness.

I shook my head.”Later.”

“Tell me yours?” She was suave, she knew how to handle me—she must have done this to men before, driven them wild, deliberately made them want her. Maybe she was a professional tease. Fear suddenly flashed through my brain. Maybe this was a trap. But then I looked at her body, the way it moved, her swollen mouth, ready for kissing, her bedroom eyes, her tousled hair loose around her shoulders.

I shook my head again.”Later.” There was plenty of time. Time to see what was under that tank top. Maybe.

“Alright,” she sighed, tipping her head to the side and narrowing her eyes slightly in mock assessment. ”You want to know how I tick. Right?”

I nodded.

She said, ”I’m a virgin.”

  ~Review by Jodie Rae~
I rated Talk to Me by Mira Noire FOUR LEAVES!! 

My, my, my what a fantastic treat to read. Loved this erotic short story! This story is hot and intense and gets your blood pumping. It has strong characters and an interesting plot.  I was not ready for this to end! The story is interesting because we never learned the characters first names! I don't think I've ever read a book without the characters' names! This book is about two characters that have an intense meeting when they spot each other across a cafe.  As time goes by, they are both thinking about each other. The girl takes a bold move and jumps into the car with the guy.  When they arrive at his house, there are tons of teasing and small talk but not actually doing anything.  WOW, I just wish I could have had at least 50 more pages!!  

Even though the story was short; the story was very well written and I was enticed from page one as the author describes her characters and the story line brings you in quickly.   

Overall, this is an excellent read, I'll definitely buy other books by this author. I just wish this book wasn't so short, I wanted more!! Highly recommended!

  ~About the Author~
Mira Noire began exploring erotica as a girl, reading Anne Rice's A.N. Roquelaire works, from the Beauty trilogy and beyond. Her every spare moment was spent reading, from literary fiction to fantasy to erotica, Tad Williams to Jane Eyre to Judy Bloom.
One day Mira asked herself - why shouldn't I write an erotic novel? If Anne Rice can, why can't I? 

As part of her "research," Mira began to take lovers while also working through a degree at Stanford University and  gainful employment. She dabbled with Craigslist,,,, and the occasional Vegas hustle. There were the Chippendales, the Olympic Gardens, and a private dance with a very well endowed male stripper.  
The occasional intrigue of a menage a trois with married couples, and a little lesbian experimentation.
Men with brooding eyes in hotel elevators, and soccer players chasing her and her friends through San Francisco's North Beach. Seedy redlit windows in Amsterdam, grandfathered brothels in Singapore, and  ...
the well-dressed man on the street in London growling and barking at her like a dog. He needed training, that one.
So did the one who wanted her to walk on his penis with her high-heeled shoes.
Life is long and complex and filled with erotic opportunities, and while she accepted some offers and declined others, each encounter reminded her of her love of erotic writing. She also eventually discovered online porn and, well, everything exploded in her mind's eye then. Literally and figuratively. With a whole world out there to explore, experience, and write about ...
Mira is back in the writing game.

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