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Review: Consensual by Livia Jamerlan


Braelynn Wolf is focused on two things: work and law school.

That is how she survives.
That is how she’ll make a difference.

Until she meets HIM.

Peyton Haas is sexy, dangerous, and forbidden. The defense attorney on Braelynn’s first legal case is the only man who can cloud her judgment. Unable to stay away, she finds herself lying to everyone around her so she can spend time with the man who makes her feel things she never felt before—things she never dreamed possible.

With the legal case hanging on a thread, can Braelynn ignore the relationship she has built with Peyton?

Or will she succumb to the man who has the power to throw away her future?

I skimmed my thumb over the skin of her neck. “I’m very available and want nothing more than to fuck you.”
I brought my hand to the hem of her skirt, lifting it slowly. I felt the edge of her stocking attached to a garter, and my cock twitched as I pushed up against her, bringing my lips to her ear. “Come back to my place, Lynn, wearing nothing but these.” I pulled on the elastic, letting it smack against her smooth skin.
“Haas, I can’t. We can’t.”
“You remember what I told you, don’t you? I always get what I want.” I pushed her skirt higher, sliding my finger across her lace thong. “I can be very persuasive.” The small whimper that escaped her throat only enticed me more. “I promise to make this pussy pulse with pleasure.” I slid my finger back and forth against the delicate material. “If you want, I can take you right here.”
“Please, don’t—”
I brought my lips to hers and she responded, allowing me in. Her tongue wrestled mine as I ground my cock against her abdomen. She melted in my hands, letting me guide her body how I wanted. I explored her mouth, imagining what it would be like to have my cock shoved between her soft, plump lips.
As I moved my hand to pull her panties, the emergency bell began to ring, disrupting us. Reaching over, I released the brake and pressed the fifth floor button as I pulled away from her. Intoxicating. That’s what she was. Her eyes, her smell, her hair, her skin. I fixed my erection and looked over at her.
“You know where to find me.”
She didn’t speak. She just stood there, flustered, against the wall. When the door opened I walked out, not looking back. I hoped I’d left her high and wet and needing me.
I wasn’t one to chase women, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. 

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  ~Review by Elyssa~

I have to let you guys in on a little secret. I don’t like alpha males. Maybe it’s the stubborn, hard-headed part of me, but 90 percent of the time I want to punch alpha males in the face because I personally hate being told what to do. Mind you, this shouldn’t really prejudice me against stories—but sometimes, it does. But shockingly, shockingly this… didn’t happen. Consensual stars a delicious alpha male named Haas, and I am totally rating this book four stars!
I don’t know what it was—Haas seems like a complete jerk for a solid chunk of the book. But I just couldn’t bring myself to want to hit him in the face. And that’s incredibly well-done on Jamerlan’s part. Somehow, she created this character who could have been immensely horrific, but wasn’t. Haas’ and Braelynn’s story was exactly what I expected—a young, enterprising law student gets caught up with a delicious bad-boy attorney and possibly puts her job on the line. But this novel was so much better than that. Both characters grow with one another and make mistakes, but try to do their best to fix things and change for the better, and it’s absolutely wonderful.
My only complaint was that the big twist came in near the end, and when things were getting really good the story ended on a cliffhanger—I almost wish the story was just longer, and everything was resolved in one book. But you can bet your pretty floral bonnet that I will be reading the next in the series so I can find out what happened next!
Read Consensual as soon as possible, Fallers. You won’t be disappointed.

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Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she’s a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog…you get the picture).
When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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