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Review + Giveaway: Just Series by Riley J. Ford

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Before I ever fell in love with Bryce, there was Hayden. Hayden was my first love, the kind of love that takes your breath away and you remember forever. My love story with Bryce came later. Much later, after everything had happened.

Avery Hill and Hayden Stuart are high school sweethearts and each other's first true love. When Hayden is accepted to college in Los Angeles, Avery intends to follow him so they can build a life together. After a tragic chain of events ruins their plans forever, Avery is left to pick up the pieces. Will she survive all that was lost? And will she forgive the man who destroyed her and Hayden's dreams forever?


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Before I ever fell in love with Bryce, there was Hayden. Hayden was my first love, the kind of love that takes your breath away and you remember forever. My love story with Bryce came later. Much later, after everything had happened.

Bryce Humphrey has never forgiven himself for his actions five years ago. Nor can he forget the two lives he ruined, or the girl he secretly loved. When he runs into Avery, the person who has haunted his dreams since that fateful night, his life is sent into a tailspin. As he gets to know her again after all these years, he realizes she has never gotten over the past. Will their shared pain bring them closer? And will they forge a new beginning built on healing, forgiveness, and love?

~Review by Jodie Rae~ 

Just Us

The Just Series provides a wide range of  emotions.  The books take you from a sappy, happy, lovely feeling right down to the depths of despair.  The second book slowly but surely guides you back to happiness but not without a heartbroken journey. I just knew reading the blurb I was bound to shed some tears with this story and true enough... I did!

Just Us started out like any teen romance novel.  Having the reader feel all giddy inside.  The story is sweet and innocent but towards the end of the book a tragedy takes places that turns this book into a dark place.  The book stayed dark until the characters healed in the second book. 

I loved Hayden and Avery's relationship.  It was so real.  They were just kids, only seventeen. Just discovering what love and lust really meant to them.  Hayden is the perfect boyfriend for Avery; caring, loving, and romantic.  He has their future all planned out for them.  But sometimes life is painful and almost to hard to bare.  We have to keep living, replacing the pain with a void, to just make us live our life. 

Just You

 This is a hard series to review because I do not want to give anything away to the readers.  I hate when people ruin a book by a review!! The book takes places five years later from the first book. In Just Us, Avery meets Bryce, Hayden's best friend.   They have a mutual understanding that they do not talk or interact.  In Just You, Avery encounters Bryce.  He can see she is still stuck with guilt.  Bryce has his own demon and pain, but wants to help Avery let go of her pain. I loved how Bryce has lived his life and learning from the past and his immediate reaction is to protect Avery.  He knows the same pain in her is the same pain in him. 

All and all, this was a beautiful series.  I had a hard time putting the series down once I started! It was so much deeper, so painful.  I felt everything that this characters went through. You the reader will feel the pain.  Anyone who has ever experienced sadness and grief could easily relate to this story.  I thought this series had a great premise and characters plus a strong foundation with Bryce and Avery's story in the second book.  Overall this is a great series about finding love again and dealing with the hand you are dealt with in life. 

~About the Author~

Riley J. Ford is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She graduated UCLA graduate with a degree in English and taught at both the high school and college levels for a number of years before turning to writing full-time. Her non-fiction books are used in college classrooms around the country, and her essays have been featured on such websites as She is the author of seven fiction books, INTO YOU, a new adult mystery, CARPE DiEMILY, a romantic comedy caper, FIFTY SHADES OF FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, a satire, CIRCUS OF LOST SOULS, a thriller, SIMONE: ADVENTURES IN DATING, a romantic comedy series, JUST US, a contemporary romance, and JUST YOU, a new adult romance. When on vacation, she enjoys running with the bulls in Pamplona and downhill skiing.

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