Review Rating System

 Five Leaves

A Five Leaves Rating is granted to a book that simply cannot be put down. No matter the spelling or gramatical errors. No matter the growth of the characters or storyline. If the reviewer cannot stop turning the page (including losing much needed sleep), we rate it Five Leaves. 

Four & One Half Leaves

A Four & One Half Leaves Rating is given to a book with an original or attention-grabbing storyline. The book may start with major event that sets the story in motion or is filled with numerous twists that entice the reviewer to read further. The depth of the characters and the script provoke emotions from the reviewer. A reviewer may give a Four & One Half Leaves Rating to a book that kept them saying, "Just one more chapter!"  
Four Leaves

A Four Leaves Rating describes a book that keeps the reviewer entertained and engaged in the characters and the storyline, but the reviewer is eventually able to stop reading in between chapters. There are very few gramatical and spelling errors found within the text. Most of the characters progressively grow throughout the story, and the storyline builds at a steady pace.  

Three & One Half Leaves

A Three & One Half Leaves Rating is labeled to a book that has a missing element. Whether the missing element was in the storyline, the characters, a twist, etc... the story feels incomplete at its' end. The reviewer may feel the story was drawn out in the beginning and rushed at the end. They may be fully enthralled with the story and the character at the beginning of the story, but their passion to finish tappers off about midway through. This rating may also be given to a book the reviewer feels needs a sequel in order to tie up loose ends.  
Three Leaves 

A Three Leaves Rating describes a book that has a lack of character growth, an incomplete storyline, a predictable twist, unoriginal scripting, the overuse of words and phrases, and spelling and grammatical errors throughout the entire piece. A reviewer may apply this rating to a book whose details do not match its genre. (i.e. A book categorized as a BDSM novel, but has few sex scenes with BDSM material and a lack of dom/sub discussion.)
Two & One Half Leaves

A Two & One Half Leaves Rating is granted to a book that needed addition thought and work put in to the storyline, characters, script, and editing. This rating is applied to a book that the reviewer had difficulty understanding or completing. It is only recommended to Falling In Fall FALLowers in the event the story makes some type of impression on the reviewer.    

Falling In Fall Book Blog does not rate books lower than Two & One Half Leaves.
If we feel the book was not satisfactory enough, a review may be written unrated or not at all.  

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