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The Edge of Darkness Review

The Edge of Darkness
Author: Melissa Andrea
Release date: May 31, 2013

After a tragic accident, Araya Noelle is left with a constant reminder that nothing is forever.

She is forced to give up her chance to be the youngest dancer accepted into Julliard & taking over their high society school by a graceful storm of determination is no longer an option. Instead of dwelling over her loss, she accepts the new future she’s been dealt. In a world as black as hers, there's no room for bitterness, no time for regret. Sheltered from the outside world, Araya has become suffocated by a life she has no control over. Until Ryland Dare comes crashing into her life.

You don’t know true darkness until you've felt light…

Like a firecracker, showering her with colorful sparks of freedom, Ryland quickly sweeps Araya away from her grey existence. For the first time since the accident, living in darkness is no longer something Araya wants to do willingly. Unleashed by the shadows of her reminder, being with Ryland, Araya touches light. Together they will learn what it’s like to feel alive for the first time.

At the edge of darkness, a ray of light, will dare them both to HOPE. 

DARE them to LOVE
DARE them to LIVE

I gave The Edge of Darkness five freaking amazing leaves! Gahhh there are seriously no words to describe this book, but I will do my best to do this book justice with my review. First, I’d like to say that this book was MIND-BLOWING. Everything from the prologue to the writing style to the flow to the characters to the twists and turns and to that damn cliff-hanger ending made me want to cry from an emotional overflow. Second, the writing style captivated me from the beginning. It’s very unique and Melissa Andrea does a fanfreakingtastic job conveying emotion into every single sentence. Not to mention, it was in dual POVs, which we all know by now is my favorite. Third, I already knew I was going to have to do some serious author stalking to do once I finished The Edge of Darkness. This book was my motivation to study the day I read it. I ended up staying up till 2 in the morning finishing it, and then I couldn’t go to sleep till about 4:30 because I was still in shock over how amazing this book was. One of the things I love most about being a reviewer is finding books like these. The next best thing is writing a review to spread the word about said book.

The prologue was set the tone for the book as intense and intriguing. I was already hooked by this point. Fast forward four years and we get to see Araya’s POV first. She is innocently sitting in the park when she gets hit in the head by a football. Suddenly, Ryland comes out of nowhere to make sure she’s okay. There is an instant, off the charts attraction between the two of them. Ryland almost immediately asks her on a date. Araya reluctantly *cough, cough* agrees to meet him at the same place later, but she already knows she won’t do it. Araya’s mom died in the car accident and she now lives with her uncaring aunt and uncle who treat her like Cinderella. She has to cook and clean for them. She isn’t really allowed out. Araya is basically a shell of a person, her life and soul died in the accident with her mother. She has nothing to look forward. Until her world collides with Ryland’s. When we switch to Ryland’s POV we see that he cannot stop thinking about Araya. We learn that he has a crappy home life where his family pretends to be perfect. His dad, J.D., is a billionaire a**hole who is trying to control all their lives, including grooming Ryland to take over the company. His mom is a puppet to his dad and she doesn’t know how to be a mother. His older brother drinks and fights in the underground. The only reason Ryland is still there is to try to shield his younger sister, Careless, from his dad. So, Araya stands Ryland up and the next day her aunt informs her out of nowhere that she is going to start tutoring with a girl named Cara. She is dragged to Cara’s house who *dun, dun, dun* turns out to be Ryland’s sister, Careless. Careless is adamant against Ryland and Araya becoming. However, Ryland and Araya’s chemistry is undeniable. I’m talking angst and sexual tension to the max. Around 25% we get our first mind-blowing moment and at that point I was definitely in stupefied awe of Melissa Andrea’s power.

From this point, it just gets even better and better. I really can’t spoil it for you, but trust me, this book is a MUST-READ. The plot is new adult but definitely unique. It is poignant, sexy, healing, funny, heart-warming, and just plain amazing. Araya has been to hell and back, but her inner goodness is unbelievable. She is sweet and innocent, but she is strong as hell and surprisingly independent. With everything she has been through, I am amazed that she continued to keep going even after losing so much. She gives Ryland credit for bringing her to life, and however that may be true, she always had it in her. And, oh god, Ryland *swoon*. I can’t blame Araya for falling fast and hard for this man. He is definitely not a womanizing, bad-boy to me. We don’t get much of a glimpse into that side of him. In fact, it all but disappears after he meets Araya. He is a great brother. He looks out for his family. He is strong against his parents and perfect when it comes to Araya. The way he called her “Hummingbird* made me die on the inside each time. He seems a bit unsure of himself for the first 50% off the book when it came to Araya because he didn’t want to ruin Careless’ only friendship. However, when he’s with Araya he gives off the sexy confidence that makes my panties melt. He pushed her to redefine her limits and not resort to living in the conditions she was told she can handle. I was suffering with them the more they tried to deny their connection. I loved that Ryland just understood Araya, no questions asked. Araya never backed down, and she brought Ryland back to life as well. Together they were one of the most beautiful couples I have ever met.

This book is more than just a New Adult romance. It is a story about learning to live again. It is a story about moving forward, It is a story about family. It is a story about betrayal. It is a story about trust. It is a story about fighting for what you want. And most of all it is a story about the power of love and how it goes beyond what can be seen. I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up The Edge of Darkness, but it is a plunge I will gladly take again. I need the sequel like yesterday. Off to go bother Melissa about The Grace of Darkness

“I don’t want to fight it anymore. I thought I was doing the right thing by resisting you, but I don’t know what the right thing is anymore, but I do know that I want you and I mean more than just like this. You’re a ray of light in my life that’s full of shadows, hummingbird. I want you as long as you want me and I hope that’s a really long time”

I find it hard to sum up my life in a paragraph, but I’ll try.
I am the author of Flutter, The Discover Series! Reading has always been a passion for me, and writing as instinctive as breathing.
Every inhale is an idea; every exhale a creation.  The only thing I do better than writing you ask? Making beautiful girls. My daughter’s will always be my greatest accomplishment.
 I was born in Denver, Colorado–but I will always think of sunny Arizona as my home. I don’t have a big family, but I’m close with my sister, brother
& my mom. My mom is my hero, my inspiration, and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing person to be raised by.
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