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Slow Burning Fire Review

Slow Burning Fire
Author: J.F. Jenkins
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Ever since super star, Arial Oakley, could remember, she's been in love with her hunky co-star Bryce Valentine. The only problem: Bryce has been in a relationship with another ac-tress for quite some time. Not wanting to be “the other woman”, Arial never pursued any of her feelings for him despite how well they connected.

When Bryce suddenly becomes single, both of their worlds are flipped upside down. To help him nurse his aching heart, Arial invites him back home to her family farm for some much needed peace and quiet from the paparazzi.

What neither of them expects is to fall in love: with the calm, with the country, with each other. But how much of it is real, and how much of it is a means to escape a broken heart?

 I rated Slow Burning Fire with THREE AND ONE HALF LEAVES. This book is about the average set of best friends that fall in love with each other. They don't want to ruin their friendship over being in love.  The real question is, can you really fall in love with your best friend and not risk ruining or losing your friendship? Ariel and Bryce have been best friends for nine years.  Bryce just got out of a serious relationship.  Ariel has always had feelings for Bryce and just being his friend and being in his life was enough to make her happy.  She would try to date other people but she only truly wanted Bryce. When Bryce is finally single, everything turns upside down for him and Ariel.  The story is fun and light and has a concept that is realistic. It has an engaging cast of characters and great chemistry between Ariel and Bryce. This is a fulfilling story about finding yourself and going after the one who really is made for you, even if he is your best friend. I recommend this to anyone who has fallen for your best friend or any one who is looking for a sweet read!

J.F. Jenkins

** Top 5 Most Epic Romance Couples**

Count Almasy and Katherine (from The English Patient): Normally, I don't root on the love affair in a story. I'm very much a: keep your vows and don't cheat! kind of gal. However, given the circumstances of this story, I can root for the affair. There's just something true and beautiful about their relationship. The movie doesn't do it justice.

Kal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen (from Game of Thrones): Another couple that is not something I normally go for. She's basically sold into the marriage arrangement against her will. However, from the beginning, in the book I mean, Drogo is surprisingly tender and attentive to his wife's needs. She's never forced to do anything she doesn't want to, and he makes sure to express his love for her any way possible since they have a language gap between them. The show touches on it, but the book really elaborates on it so much better.

Tobias and Rachel (from Animorphs): This was a couple I wanted to grow old and get married and all that. Sadly, that isn't going to happen, but I can still dream. I won't explain further since that would be hugely spoiler filled for the series. You either know or you don't. What I love about them is the way they always stood together through everything despite the fact that they could have ended things.

Rogue and Gambit (from Xmen): Another couple that's been through thick and thin. What makes them great is that their love is real. I mean, they can't touch, so it isn't something charged from pure sexual attraction. They love unconditionally and whole heartedly, overcoming secrets and all kinds of obstacles. Love it.

Aladdin and Jasmine (from Aladdin): They're adorable. Hands down. I know, I could pick so many other great literary and movie couples, but they're just so cute. She keeps him in his place, he keeps her in hers, and they work together as a unit. Honesty is an important part to their relationship as well, and they love each other for who they really are.


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