Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Picking up the Pieces Blitz + Giveaway

Picking up the Pieces (Picking up the Pieces, #1)

AUTHOR: Jessica Prince

GENRE: Contemporary Romance, Women's fiction

RELEASE DATE: July 2 , 2013

After having her heart broken by the only man she’s ever loved everything seemed to go downhill for Emerson Grace. It has taken eight years but Emmy is finally starting to pick up the pieces of her damaged life. But the man who destroyed it has returned bringing with him the pain of the past. Can she let go of the pain Luke caused and accept him back into her life or will the memories be too much for her to overcome?
Running from Emmy was the only way Lucas Allen knew he could protect her from the demons he carried with him. After spending one perfect night together Luke takes off, certain that he can’t possibly give Emmy everything she deserves. Now he’s made the decision to return to Cloverleaf and make things right. But is he prepared to truly face all of the damaged he has caused?
Will Luke and Emmy finally get their chance at love or will the secrets of the past stop them before they even get to begin?

“Please, just let me fix this. Let me fix us.”
I parted my lips on an inhale and that was all the invitation he needed. Before I knew what
was happening, Luke had unbuckled my seatbelt and pulled me into his lap. The instant his lips
met mine I was lost. This wasn’t a slow build-up type of kiss. The need inside both of us had
clawed its way to the surface, and we were kissing each other like our lives depended on it. The
feel of his hands on me was intoxicating. When he slid his hand under my shirt, along the
waistband of my shorts, an uncontrollable chill went through my whole body.
The few brain cells I had left were screaming at me to stop. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this,
but when Luke trailed his lips down my neck and along my collar bone, all rational thought
escaped me. I let out a low moan from deep in my throat. Grabbing a hold on his silky black hair,
I yanked his mouth to mine and dove back into that kiss. “God, I’ve missed you so much, baby
girl,” he said against my lips. I’d missed him too… so damn much. “I never should have left you
the way I did.”

I'm a wife, mother, wino, coffee addict and avid a lover of all types of books, but romances are my main favs. My husband likes to say reading is my obsession but I just say it's my passion... there's a difference. 
I've been writing since I was a little kid and I finally decided to take the leap and actually publish when Picking up the Pieces came to me. Now that I've been bitten by the writing bug I just can't seem to stop. 


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