Friday, August 2, 2013

Made From Greater Stone Review + Giveaway

Made From Greater Stone
Author: RJ Simpkin
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Made from Greater Stone by RJ Simpkin is the first novel in the Stone Series. A story of passion, romance, glamour, and secrecy.

When graduate Olivia Bennett moves to Chicago she is thrust into a world sugar coated in feathers and crystals. This world is the world of Burlesque. It's during this time of discovery that she meets Nathan Stone, a handsome successful entrepreneur.

She finds herself drawn to him, in way she has never felt before. Convinced he is out of her league she tries to forget him. However Nathan has ideas of his own planned for the Burlesque starlet.

Olivia soon learns that her new life is not all rhinestones and sparkle. Nathan has skeletons in his closet; a dark past that threatens any future they may have together.

Two words. Nathan. Stone! This book gave me an extreme hangover! I rate Made From Greater Stone FIVE LEAVES! I am utterly floored that this is R.J. Simpkin's debut novel! I will not be surprised if this book makes it onto the bestseller lists. It was released recently, but I just know that once people catch on and start reading it, it's going to be huge! With just a few pages into the story, I was captivated by the writing and already knew that the author would be one to keep an eye on! While reading the book I noticed that the author was not an American writer because she used the word "whilst," which I found very interesting.

Olivia Bennett, a Burlesque dancer, moves to Chicago to live with her best friend, Joseph. Honey Glaze is Olivia's dance name, and she is completely opposite than her stage name. Honey is confident and sexy; Olivia is shy and timid. Olivia/Honey runs into Nathan Stone and spills her drink all over him, and the rest is history! Now, let's talk about the good stuff... Nathan Stone to be exact. Nathan is caring, sexy, rich, knows how to pleasure a woman, smart, and a dominate male. He is perfect, everything you could ever wish for and more. Now, just come to Jodie Rae with a pink bow on, and you're mine! Their relationship was very similar to that in the Fifty Shades series. But make no mistake, Made From Greater Stone stands out on its' own. I personally can never get sick of a strong, alpha male, so if that is what you are looking for in your next read, this is it.

Now, let's talk about the end. It's a HUGE cliffy! Just like in real life, there is no fairy-tale ending. If people would just communicate the world would be such a better place, and relationships would be a lot easier! I am eager/dreading to see what happens in book two and three!

 I love to Imagine...

I spent a great deal of time as a youngster with my head in a book: from Nancy Drew to Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven; I love that imagination knows no boundaries when it comes to fiction!   You can travel the universe, solve a crime and fall in love all whilst curled up at home safely on your sofa.
My love affair with books continued and I later studied English literature leaving Manchester Metropolitan University in 2002 with a BA Hons Degree in English and Sociology.
I am so grateful to have met so many wonderful friends along the way; each being a tad eccentric, hugely creative , very talented and equally as obsessive about the art of Burlesque as I am.  Burlesque is gloriously consuming.

I decided to combine my love of books and burlesque and write Made from Greater Stone in 2012 I initially released the draft version on to Wattpad and have been overwhelmed by the response;  and through a great deal of encouragement from my readers have decided to take the leap and publish.
I live in Staffordshire, England with my fiancĂ© Lee and our two Siamese Cats.  We are due to be married in Autumn 2013; so as you can imagine I have a busy year ahead!
Your comments really inspire me I would love to hear what you think about my stories. 


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