Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Simple Touch Review + Giveaway

Jordan Thomas doesn't have the time or the physical capability to even contemplate being in a relationship. Her past has altered her present so much that she has no choice but to perfect her shields and harden her heart. No man has come close to breaking through those shields in two years. Until Blake. Blake Barnes is exactly what Jordan is trying to stay away from but he refuses to let her attitude and proneness for disasters stop him from what he make her his. Little by little, Jordan's will crumbles under Blake's relentless pursuit. All she has to do is find the courage to stay... Can she give him what he wants? Can he be what she needs? *18+ up due to adult content* 

I gave A Simple Touch four leaves. I was thoroughly impressed with Natasha Wilson. A vague outline of the story shows that it is a typical New Adult story with the protagonist and her dark, haunting past who meets a gorgeous guy that turns her world upside down. Upon reading however, I discovered that A Simple Touch puts a unique spin on the overused story. 

I actually liked Jordan, the heroine. Her past continues to haunt her nightmares and she keeps insanely busy to try to escape her past. I hurt for her, but I admired her everlasting strength. She was feisty, which was a way of putting her guard up after the last guy she was ever involved with did unspeakable things to her. But, I adored the feistiness. Blake definitely came into her life like a hurricane. He’s the guy who wouldn’t quit. He is sweet, caring, sexy-as-hell, and pretty much unreal. I loved the way he barged into Jordan’s life. Alpha male all the way. Yum. He pushed into Jordan’s life because he knew that they were meant to be, but he was careful to respect their wishes when it came to her personal issues.

I found the storyline predictable, but still enjoyable. I definitely didn’t expect how happy their ending would be though. Which they deserved. They had a few minor blips along the road but they weren’t overly dramatic. Jordan only pulled the whole “we’re better apart” act once after they got together, and it was interrupted by Blake in the middle *swoon*. I loved all Blake’s sweet lines. Overall this was a wonderful quick read. I want to give one last mention to Jordan’s best friend, Dacey. She was hysterical and the ultimate best friend. I want to see her get a happy ending as hinted in the epilogue and maybe Natasha Wilson will give her a book *wink-wink*. 

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