Friday, February 5, 2016

The Muse and the Fairy Tale by Mary Smith Review

Meadow Hylton has held onto the dream of Prince Charming sweeping into her life and falling madly in love with her. Until it happens, she fulfills her fantasy by writing sports romance books. However, that love has been hit with a bout of writer's block. A new muse on social media helps diminish that block quickly.

Kyson Wick is a newly traded player to the New Hampshire Bears, and he’s thankful for the change. His goal is to be the best hockey player and forget the ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. He’s also hoping a new venture with an author looking for a new cover model is the distraction he needs.

Soon, the chemistry between Kyson and Meadow begins to grow. But when their dreams collide, will the muse be able to fulfill the fairytale?

I just finished The Muse and The Fairytale by Mary Smith. This was a quick but enjoyable read. My blog mate, Jodie, sent me this book to review because it's based around hockey and she knows I'm a big fan! I enjoyed all the hockey references in this book. Mary Smith definitely knows her hockey. Although I thought this was a good book, there were some holes in the plot for me. I won't go into details but I was left wanting more. Nonetheless, I had a fun time getting to know the characters. The main characters were great but I feel like the supporting characters made this story. I sure hope to see what happens with them in another book?! 

If you are a hockey fan like I am, make sure to check this one out! 


Best Selling Author, Mary Smith, has been coming up with stories her whole life. She has written A HOCKEY TUTOR, THE ICE SERIES, as well as co-authored THE PENALTY KILL TRILOGY and OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN SERIES. When not busy writing or rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks you can find her with her nose stuck in her Kindle.

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