Monday, February 16, 2015

With Me by Gabbie S. Duran Review

What happens when you take a chance one night … make a decision that will change your life forever?

Kasey Wilson, the girl next door, had a crush on the boy next door … Joseph Mitchell was that boy. 

Kasey was left with the consequences of her decision when Joseph left her behind, leaving for the Marine Corps. She never thought she would see Joseph again, leaving her to continue on with her life, moving forward. 

But fate has a way of intervening …

Joseph Mitchell always lived with the regret of walking away that night, never to see Kasey again. Finally ready to settle down, he’s now engaged to someone else. But when he finds Kasey again, he learns of a secret she’s been keeping, a secret that will change both their lives forever. 

Can they finally have the relationship they never had? Or will Joseph be forced to walk away again?



I enjoyed reading With Me; it was a nice, quick read with just a touch of drama, a cute little girl and a big misunderstanding. Kasey’s was in love with her next door neighbor Joseph and on the night before he is about to leave for the military, she cooks him dinner which leads to more than just dinner. Joseph knew that leaving Kasey after their night was going to be hard so he vowed to return to Kasey as soon as he could after training to get her. Years later when Joseph returns to see Kasey, she is no longer their and is told by her parents that she has left out of state to attend college so Joseph leaves heartbroken but thinks it was for the better. Meanwhile, Kasey has been dealing with her own things all those years but she has never once forgotten the boy who stole her heart, especially since she has to look into his eyes and see his face every time she looks at their daughter Josephina. Somehow fate has intervened and five years after their night while Joseph is visiting his friend, a little girl runs in to him at a flea market only to belong to Kasey. To say Joseph was shocked was an understatement but he has to know if this little girl is his and if so why Kasey never told him about her. Kasey can’t believe that after all this time Joseph is here and once everything is out in the open, she knows things will only get complicated from here, because not only is Joseph not going anywhere, he’s also getting married to someone else.  Joseph knows he can’t stay away Josephina or Kasey but he has to make a choice. Go back to the life he started with his fiancĂ© or try to build a family with the one who got away?


Gabbie is a Southern California native, who lives with her wonderful husband, two amazing kids and a senior citizen kitty. When she’s not writing you can find her reading or sneaking off for a run. Some might say it’s a crazy life, but she wouldn’t change anything about it.

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