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Review + Giveaway: The Rebound List by Hedonist Six

The Rebound List
Publication Date: July 28, 2014

Tour: The Rebound List by Hedonist Six

After nearly four years with Jeff, everything fell apart. I found myself single, scared, but somehow liberated as well. Rather than stumble into another ill advised relationship, my best friend Sally helped me find focus. I would spend the next few months “finding myself” sexually. That’s how The Rebound List was born. My journey begins with the first item on my list - a virgin. But it's not easy to go from squeaky-clean committed girlfriend to wanton sex goddess. Hopefully I'll have the guts to follow through! What (or whom) would you do to celebrate your freedom after your first serious relationship breaks down?

The possibilities were mind boggling. What kind of man would I like? Who would I look at in the street? I couldn’t form a clear answer; I don’t have a “type” only a long list of potentials, so I wrote down all I could think of. Long hair, short hair, beard, clean shaven, fat, athletic, older, younger, black, white, anything in between. The whole point of this exercise was that I didn’t have to settle for just one; I could have them all.
Despite not showing any flesh in my photograph, it didn’t take long for friend requests and messages to start coming in. Among the inevitable stream of creepiness I had braced myself for, there were also more thoughtful messages than simply ‘show me ur tits’. Perhaps I would indeed find kindred spirits, to share my body with in addition to good conversation but without the expectations of monogamy hanging above my head.
When I logged back on after work on Friday, my inbox was full and my friend list had grown considerably as well. I felt empowered to explore more of the site, to join a few groups and read through some message boards. It surprised me how extensive the site’s membership was. I even found a group with local personal ads, which would keep me occupied for quite a while.

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 I rated The Rebound List FOUR AND ONE HALF LEAVES!     

When I saw the tour sign up came open for The Rebound List, I read the description and was extremely intrigued to read the list.  Hedonist Six created an intriguing story and a lovely romance with realistic issues.   The Rebound List was a fast read and written in a wonderful style that left me wanting more!

Becky made a rebound list after her first serious relationship comes to an end. She decided to find herself again.  Becky's goal is to awaken her sexual desires. She has four things on her list that she wants to mark off. 
Sleeping with the following: 1) Virgin 2) Silver Fox 3) Stranger 4) Threesome

With no clue on how to mark these items off her list, she joins a website that is for kinksters like herself.

Becky embarks on a wonderful, sexy journey of love and lust.  In the process, she has her own personal reawakening, which brings her back to her real self. Regaining her love of herself.  Becky also finds love in this one character. Not only does the book have some amazingly sensual and passionately hot sex scenes, it's also so much more than that. I would most definitely recommend this book to others and I will be on the lookout for all of Hedonist Six’s book!!

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Hedonist Six is an author of Erotic Romance based in London. Nobody’s perfect, neither are her characters, which makes them all the more relatable and well-liked by her fans. Reviewers have described her debut novel Just Another Day at the Office as heart-felt and unique within the genre.

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