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Tortured Past by Nicole De La Cruz Review

(Pub Series, #2)
Nicole De La Cruz 

Amy Bennett doesn't have a plan. She loves living her life the way she wants. Alcohol, cigarettes, and sleeping with random men are what she is notorious for - That is, until she and Clive Harrington have a one night stand after her best friends wedding. However, the night didn't stop there...
They quickly find themselves spending more time together - Sharing pieces of themselves they've never shared before.
As they both begin to face their own demons, will their past keep them from having a future? Or is their love strong enough to get through it together?


Needing a taste of nicotine, I go to reach for my cigarettes only to come up empty. I realize that I must have left them at whats his names apartment. I check my purse again; maybe I stashed away one for just in case.
“Need a cigarette?”
I jump at the sound and look up to see Clive leaning against the wall in the parking lot. Hes wearing his normal black tight jeans, leather jacket, and his grey beanie he seems to never take off. He has all of his facial piercings in today, making it easier to see that it’s not Kyle. Even though I would never confuse the two: Clive’s eyes seem almost older, like he’s already lived a long hard life. I find it weird when your best friend’s husband has a twin brother, but it’s even weirder when you’re attracted to that brother.
“Thanks,” I reach out to grab the cigarette from his hand. I place it between my teeth, about to take his lighter, but he takes a step toward me. He’s so close that I can feel his body heat through my very thin, short dress. I really need him to step back before I make another mistake.
“Amy, you need to suck.” I look up at his face, which is only inches from mine. His blue eyes are almost clear and his pierced eyebrow has me mesmerized. I realize I have stopped breathing. I don’t even know how long we have been standing here. I look down at his hands, which are holding up a lighter in front of my cigarette. Shit. I inhale, letting the smoke fill my lungs and instantly feeling my stress go away. I don’t like the way I act when Clive is around. Even when I first met him (over a year ago) he had this strange effect on me. Like my body was drawn to him, but I knew it was wrong.
“Walk of shame?” I see him look me up and down, his eyes hovering on my ass. I feel my whole body get warm and start to tingle. What the fuck is wrong with me? I make men nervous, not the other way around.
“Nah, I like wearing skimpy clothes and stilettos when its 40 degrees outside.” I roll my eyes, acting like he has no effect on me whatsoever.
“I can think of other things you like to do.”
I feel my whole face heat up. I can’t believe he really just said that. “Fuck off. Too bad you’ll never find out again.” 
He lets out a chuckle as he leans against the building again. “Can you ever be nice?” He asks.


Tortured Past is the second book in The Pub Series. It is the love story of Amy and Clive. I have got to say that while I enjoyed the first book, this one blew me away. I loved it!

We met Amy Bennett in Hidden Secrets, book one in this series, as Scarlett's best friend and Clive Harrington is Kyle's twin brother. Amy, is a feisty lady who lives her life with no regrets. She isn't ashamed of her promiscuous ways. After the past she has had growing up with a mother that didn't care about her family--abused alcohol and drugs daily.  Amy uses sex and alcohol to to help temporarily fill the hole so she doesn't have to let people in.

Clive Harrington is the complete opposite of his twin brother, Kyle.  Clive has a chip on his shoulder and doesn't want anyone to get to close to him.  Even though Clive has this hard exterior, his interior is a big sweetie.  You want to punch him in the stomach to show him some emotions but then you want to cuddle him to death to make him feel loved.  Clive starts to feel things for Amy that he hasn't felt for anyone else.  We get glimpses of Clive's past and we find out a little about his past and why he has hard time letting someone in.

Tortured Past is a very heartwarming story about pain, forgiveness, and love.  I would recommend this FIVE LEAVES book to anyone that is looking for a romance story to give you all the feels. I just have to end this review asking the lovely author to give Sawyer someone special for him, and on that note, I want his book next! :)

(The Pub Series #1)

After a night of fun and drinking, Scarlett Collins' past comes rushing back into her life. Instead of facing it, she runs away like she always does, this time straight into a broom closet. Not sure how she is going to get out of this one, the gorgeous British bartender rescues her from the locked room. Little does she know her life might have changed in ways she would have never dreamed. 

Kyle Harrington has had one hell of a night, it isn’t until he lets out a beautiful green eyed woman from his broom closet that his night might be looking up. That is until he lets her go without a number or a way of ever finding her again. When a second chance is put in front of Kyle, he knows he won’t let her get away that easy again.

Both have a past they wish they could change, but now they can have a possible future together. As long as hidden secrets don’t keep them apart... 

AMAZON #99c 


A novella, coming out early 2016. Learn how Melody met Wyatt while she was away at school in New York City.

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Nicole is a new author who has recently decided to pursue her passion for writing. On most days, you can find her at home with her Husband, their 3 cats, and new puppy. She has an obsession with Breaking Benjamin and watches too much reality tv. 

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