Thursday, November 12, 2015

Missing Dixie by Caisey Quinn Review + Giveaway


Fighting for redemption . . .
I've lived most of my life in darkness, beneath the shadows of secrets and addictions. The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt the only girl I'd ever loved—the one who brought me into the light. In my entire life I'd made one promise—a promise I'd intended to keep. I've broken that promise and now I have to live with the fallout. Dixie Lark hates me, and I have to tell her that I love her. I also have to tell her a truth that might destroy us forever.
Can she love me, even if she can't forgive me?
Learning to move on . . .
Gavin Garrison broke his promise to my brother and he broke my heart in the process.I may never love anyone the way I've loved him, but at least I won't spend my life wondering "what if." We had our one night and he walked away. I'm beginning to move on, but my brother's wedding and a battle of the bands are about to throw us together again.
Our band is getting a second chance, but I don't know if I can give him one. How do you hand your heart back to the person who set it on fire once already?


Missed you at rehearsal dinner,” I text to his number. “Hope everything is okay.”
We do two more walk-throughs, me with my invisible Gavin, before heading into a formal dining room for dinner.
I check my phone several times, finding exactly what I expect to time and time again.
No new messages.
This past year, traveling on my own, meeting new people, coming home, and establishing a life for myself—one that didn’t include my brother or Gavin or the band—it hasn’t been easy but it has made me a stronger, more independent version of myself. I have grieved the loss of my grandfather, met new people, seen things I never thought I would, started a successful music instruction business, and moved on from the pain of knowing Gavin didn’t want me the way I wanted him. All of this I’ve done alone. No overprotective brother giving orders or watching my every move, no broody drummer distracting me at every turn, and no one to answer to except myself.
I didn’t reach out to him, even when I knew he was home. Because one thing I decided over these last few months is that I did the reach- ing in Austin. It’s his turn. He has to decide if he can do this—us, me and him, the band, all of it—for real this time, not with only half his heart. 


This is the third and final book in the Neon Dreams by Caisey Quinn.  I’m a huge fan of all of Caisey’s work but this series have been a favorite of mine.  This book… it’s not only my favorite in this series, but my favorite of her books so far.  The writing is phenomenal and the depth of the story was just top notched! This was such a bittersweet read! I didn’t want this series to end.  I have fallen in love with Dixie, Dallas, and Gavin so much and I feel like we are one big happy family!! I read this book and one sitting and loved seeing all my favorites in this book. 

From the first book, Leaving Amarillo, we know that Gavin is our damaged hero how has a painful past with a heart of gold.  Dixie is a feisty and caring heroine who has been in love with Gavin since they first met when they were children and the same for Gavin. Missing Dixie picks up where Leaving Amarillo and Loving Dallas are left off.  This book is a wonderful conclusion to Dixie and Gavin’s story. 

Gavin told Dixie to wait for him, but he never said for how long.  All Dixie wants is answers and to be with Gavin to have their happily ever after.  Gavin and Dixie have to go through a lot pain and love for them to be together but their love for each other is so strong.  The pain and struggles they go through is real and it is tough. When reading this book you will feel the angst and the mayhem in this story.  It will make you want to swoon, cry, laugh, and cry some more. 

In conclusion, this a FIVE LEAVES review and the end is what did it for me.  I love everything about this series but the end to this book just made it a home run in my eyes.  I think I read the end a million times because it was… perfect.  Every word and every sentence was meant to be in this book.  I am so glad that the story turned just as good as I wanted it for Gavin, Dixie, Dallas, and Robyn.   If you haven’t read this book or this series, seriously what are you doing without this amazing series in in your life?!


Caisey Quinn lives in a suburb outside of Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She wears cowgirl boots most of the time, even to church. She is the bestselling author of the Kylie Ryans series and writes New and Young Adult books about country girls finding love in unexpected places. 



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