Friday, November 7, 2014

Heartbreak Warfare by K.B. Webb Review

*Heartbreak Warfare is the third book in the Reflect Me series but can be read as a standalone.*

Ryan Davis is sex on legs with a history full of loss. After everything he has been through, a relationship is the last thing on his mind--until he spends one night with Jasmine Slade.

Jasmine Slade is hell in heels and the definition of damaged. After losing her parents at a young age she prefers to have fun with no strings attached--until one drunken night with Ryan Davis.

Can two lost souls make a relationship work despite all the odds stacked against them? With meddling best friends and an over protective brother, can Ryan and Jasmine find a way to make things work?

If love is a battlefield, Ryan and Jasmine are about to find themselves in the middle of heartbreak warfare.

I enjoyed reading Webb's other books so much that I was super excited to read about Ryan and Jasmine. We still get to see all of the other couples from the previous stories and I love when authors do that so that was a definite plus. If you haven’t read the other stories you can still read this one but I would recommend reading them because they are great reads. If you have read the book then you know that Ryan has come back from the military after his brother Colt passed away; yes that Colt that was also Molly’s first love. Ryan is super excited to be back home and have a job he’s passionate: being a trainer at Slade Gym. Jasmine is the younger sister of the Slade Gym owner, Jason, who took her in when he was just 21 because of the death of their parents. Before she can tell Ryan who she is, they have one night that neither Ryan nor she can forget. After Jason catches them the next morning, he tells them they can’t be together since it’s against policy rules and Ryan could lose his job. With both of them having a sad past, they find that the connection between them is more than just physical. They embark on a secret relationship hoping that they can figure out a way to bring it out in the open without Ryan losing his job and Jasmine looking like a failure. Will these two be able to pull it off or will outside forces ruin their happily ever after?
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  K.B. Webb is an Amazon bestselling author. She lives in a small Louisiana town with her husband, two daughters, and crazy dog. She stays home during the day being a full time mom and spends her nights writing. When she's not writing or chasing after two kids, she loves to read, cook, and watch Grey's Anatomy reruns. 


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