Monday, January 13, 2014

Blitzing Emily Review + Giveaway

All is fair in Love and Football...

Emily Hamilton doesn't trust men. She's much more comfortable playing the romantic lead on stage in front of a packed house than in her own life. So, when NFL star and irresistible ladies' man Brandon McKenna acts as her personal white knight, she has no illusions he'll stick around. However, a misunderstanding with the press throws them together in a fake engagement that yields unexpected (and breathtaking) benefits.

Every time Brandon calls her "Sugar," Emily almost believes Brandon's playing for keeps, not just to score. Can she let down her defenses and get her own Happily Ever After?

Blitzing Emily was a great start to author Julie Brannagh’s Love and Football series. I really enjoyed reading about Emily and Brandon. I loved the fact that Brandon wasn’t that into her at first. Let me explain why I say this before you start thinking I’m nuts. So we meet Emily, the opera singer, as she is on her way making a delivery for her sister, who is a florist, on Valentines Day.  While walking to the football stadium Emily trips and falls hitting her head hard and that’s when we meet Brandon. Mr. sexy, country accent, football player (yes all those names are needed) isn’t blown away by her beauty at first and there’s no initial buzz that goes through him when he helps her to the hospital. Brandon was trying to leave Emily to get to his date; see no initial attraction. Not to say there wasn’t any because obviously the story is called Blitzing Emily for a reason. Being a football star however has its down side, that being that once a joke about Emily being Brandon’s fiancĂ© came out, it spread like wild fire and not as a joke. Needless to say they have appearances to keep up, so they take on the fake engagement. The engagement seems to help out both their careers, but there are many conflicts that arise. You’ll have to read the rest of the book to find out what happens, but I do recommend this story. There is a second book called Rushing Amy which is about Emily’s sister Amy who you’ll meet when you read the book. That book is scheduled to come out February 11th of this year. 

Julie Brannagh has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She lives in a small town near Seattle, where she once served as a city council member and owned a yarn shop. She shares her home with a wonderful husband, two uncivilized Maine Coons and a rambunctious chocolate Lab.

Julie hasn't quite achieved the goal of owning a pro football team, so she created a fictional one: The Seattle Sharks. When she's not writing, she's reading, or armchair-quarterbacking her favorite NFL team from the comfort of the family room couch. Julie is a Golden Heart finalist and the author of four contemporary sports romances.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my book today, and for the lovely review!