Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Blue Tale Review + Giveaway

The rock legend’s daughter…
Eli Blue Savage doesn’t trust musicians, especially those that idolize her dad.  Her heart’s been
broken by everyone she’s ever loved. Fairytale dreams and the music she locks inside her heart are all that keep her alive.

The musician with a dark past…
Deacon Chastain plays a blue guitar to match his rock idol, the man that saved him from a path of destruction.  His life revolves around music; it’s the only thing that saves him from the darkness.

Hearts beat to the same rhythm…
Broken and scarred by their pasts, can they find a way to heal and move forward?  No matter the adversity, even the hardest of hearts can be softened by love – music is easy; life is hard. 

I rated A Blue Tale FIVE LEAVES!! What an emotional roller coaster ride. This book took me through so many emotions, and I found myself feeling: annoyed, giddy, sad and angry. First the story was great, but the character's were real.  Now a days so many books are filled with cardboard characters.  This book... no way! The characters are hot, damaged, makes mistakes, and are real to life.  

The story is about Eli who is the daughter a famous guitarist, Kirk Savage.  Eli adored her father and he adored her.  They were each others happily ever after... until he passed away.  Eli is now in running her father's company and living her own life. She dumped her ex-boyfriend, Shaw and now pleasing herself.  She has horrible relationship with her mother but has a best friend that is always there for her.  She meets a new band and the lead guitarist, Deacon.  The story of how Deacon and Eli  first meet really tugged at my heart.  It just goes to show... everything really happens for a reason.

Even though this book did not really have a pronounce love triangle story line about it was still kind of there. (FYI: no cheating in this book)  My heart was torn into because I couldn't take the pain both Deacon and Shaw had gone through just to be with her. Shaw has been in her from the beginning and even though he was a douche bag he still cared for Eli with all his heart.  I actually really liked Shaw, well I loved Deacon too! Speaking of Deacon, he is sexy, alluring and obviously madly in love with her. Music and Eli are what changed his life around for him. All he wants to do now is love Eli with all his love and being. 

I really enjoyed this book in the end. There is not a cliffhanger and no drama that makes me want to shot my face off. You as a reader will LOVE this book.  It was well written and took me on a ride. While reading this book I not only fell in love with Deacon, but I am looking forward to picking up future reads by Sarah Dosher!! Okie girl in the house! ;)

Sarah Dosher was born and raised in rural Oklahoma where she currently resides with her cowboy husband and twins (one cowboy and one cowgirl). She spends her day slaving away in healthcare and her nights pouring her heart out to her keyboard. She is addicted to books and The Golden Girls. Her love for reading inspired her to start her writing journey.

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