Thursday, June 27, 2013

Omission Excerpt + Giveaway


Author: Taryn Plendl
Release date: June 24, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult/Adult
Event organized by: AToMR Tours

-Something left out, not done, or neglected.
Strong and resilient, Payton has always been able to pick up the pieces of her tragic life and move on, but not without hesitance when it came to letting others in. Until recently, she’s done it alone, but now there’s Garrett, and he wants nothing more than to be in her life. She is finally finding it easier to leave the hurt and fear behind her for good.
Harboring secrets of his own, Garrett knows it is best to stay away from Payton, but knowing and doing are two different things, and he just can’t seem to stay away from her.
An unexpected encounter brought Garrett into Payton’s life. Mutual attraction and eventually love has kept him there, but will secrets and lies prove to be too much for them both? What happens when Payton's past comes back to haunt her? Will this tear them apart forever?

I am a wife to my soul-mate, loving mom to two girls who have the amazing ability to make me both laugh hysterically and want to pull my hair out within the same five minutes, and mommy to a fifteen year old rescue dog who is thirteen pounds of pure man!
I'm an autism advocate, dreamer, and Indie Author of Contemporary Romance. I believe in "Happily Ever After", and love living vicariously through my books.
Instead of turning into a pumpkin at midnight, I turn into an author, creating my stories when the house is quiet. I read at least three books a week and know every Disney Junior theme song, and can belt them out with the best of them.

“Why are you here then, Garrett? You’re wasting your time. I’m obviously not your usual type of girl.” She looked at me with hurt in her eyes. I had hurt her, and it was tearing me up inside.
“That’s exactly why I’m here,” I confessed. “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met. There is a sweetness about you that is so pure, but then you have no problem putting me or my friends in their place. You’re strong and stubborn, yet delicate all at the same time. I can’t get you out of my head, and believe me I’ve tried. That’s why I stayed away before.” I dropped my hands from her shoulders to my sides. I took a deep breath. “I don’t look at you as a conquest. That’s why I went after Ryan. I didn’t like that he was looking at you like that. That’s not what you are—you’re so much more,” I whispered as I turned to leave.
“Garrett?” I heard her whisper. I turned around, and before I could react, she had her lips pressed to mine. I stood there, shocked, as her lips moved against mine, and when they parted slightly, I answered the invite by pressing my tongue into her mouth. She let out a small moan, and it set me off. I kissed her with unyielding passion like I’d never kissed anyone before. Everything about her was exquisite. Her taste, the way her tongue moved against mine, the way she sucked softly on my bottom lip, the way she pressed her small body into mine.
closer to me, letting one hand drift farther down her back until it rested on the waist of her jeans. I held her head in place with my other hand as I ran it through her hair at the top of her neck.

She finally pulled back, looking up at me, out of breath. Her beautiful blue eyes shimmered with tears. “Oh shit, Payton, I’m sorry. Please don’t cry.” I pulled her into my arms, kissing her on the head. I pulled her to the couch and continued to hold her as she cried.

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