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Ambrosia Review + Giveaway

Author: Erin Noelle
Series: Book Boyfriend #2
Genre: New Adult
Event provided by: Sugar and Spice Book Reviews
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After coming to terms with the tragedy that rocked her world, Scarlett MacGregor has returned to try to pick up the pieces of the broken relationships that she left behind.

Ash and Mason were left devastated and heartbroken following Scarlett’s sudden, unannounced departure. They are both ready and willing to forgive her and welcome her back into their lives with open arms.

However, a lot can happen in 8 months…

Scarlett must learn to overcome the obstacles thrown in her path to prevent the past from repeating itself.

Can she learn to fly with her own wings and discover the secret to eternal love?

Recommended for readers 17+ due to sexual content and harsh language.

On cue, I spotted the lights headed in our direction. “Look,” I instructed her, pointing at the lights off in the distance. “Do you see them?” I felt her nod her head against my back as she peaked over my shoulder to spot them.
“Actually, here, you sit in front of me so that you can see better,” I said as I climbed off to allow her to scoot up. I took my spot behind her and looped my arms around her waist. I kissed the top of her head and inhaled her sweet scent. Her eyes were locked on the lights, wondering what was going to happen, but I felt her pressing her body against mine trying to snuggle up. I groaned aloud when she wiggled her ass against my growing cock, and she giggled. The little vixen knew exactly what she was doing.
We continued to track the lights in the sky as they grew closer. As the plane made it’s final descent for landing, I squeezed my arms around her tightly and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “I love you, Scarlett. Nothing will ever change that.”

*Plays both piano & guitar
*Born & raised in San Antonio, currently attending Rice University in Houston, major- undecided
*Unconsciously incorporates the color pink in every outfit
*Collects flip-flops in every color

*He and his brother Marcus grew up with their grandparents in Houston
*Loves to cook
*Favorite shoes: Chucks
*Piercings: lip, nipples, ears
*Dips French fries in sweet chili sauce

*Would illustrate children’s books if he wasn’t studying astrophysics
*owns over 10 pairs of the same khaki cargo shorts… same brand & all
*scratch golfer when he was in high school
*sister nicknamed him “Assy” when he was a kid
*Straight A student K-undergrad
 I rated Metamorphosis 4 leaves and Ambrosia 3.5 leaves! I initially picked up Metamorphosis because I heard of all the book references in it, hence the series title Book Boyfriends. Metamorphosis references Molly McAdams’ Taking Chances and Travis and Abby from Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster *swoon*. Ambrosia goes even further and references Kiera and Kellan from S.C. Stephens’ Thoughtless series *squee*, Jack F’ing Carter from The Perfect Game by Jenn Sterling, Deuce from Madeline Sheehan’s Undeniable, This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpias, and Double Time by Olivia Cunning.

Metamorphosis took me on an emotional rollercoaster from the very beginning. I really identified with Scarlett, and her need to get away from her crazy strict and protective parents. I loved her best friend, Evie, and her ability to push Scarlett to live life on her own terms. I’ll be honest, at first the book reminded me quite a bit of Taking Chances, but, don’t worry, it was only the beginning. I was overwhelmed by this book. Seriously though, there were three insanely hot guys that wanted her, how does that even happen? The first guy we meet is Ash, the gorgeous surfer playboy with a voice. Scarlett has an instant pull to him, like literally love at first sight. At the party they go to that night we meet Dylan, the responsible hottie that Scarlett immediately gets physical with. Last but not least, we eventually meet Mason, the tattooed, pierced, bad boy lead singer of a local band.

I was so confused in Metamorphosis, as I was crazily torn between the guys! I can’t even imagine how Scarlett dealt with all that, but she brought it upon herself. Her relationships with all three guys were so different. Ash didn’t think he was good enough for Scarlett, so they agreed to stay best friends, but they were in love with each other. They had an intense emotional relationship. Ash calls her Butterfly, and the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche is their story. I absolutely loved Ash. I didn’t feel much of a connection with Dylan. He was just kind of there, and created more drama between Ash and Scarlett. Scarlett only saw him every Saturday, and although they were always making out, they were in no way exclusive. Which is why when Scarlett first meets Mason, she ends up giving him head for the first time ever. They also have an instant connection, but in the opposite way of Ash and Scarlett. This one is mostly physical. Their relationship consists of them just messing around and Mason teaching Scarlett physical things. A lot of crazy stuff goes down in Metamorphosis, but I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s just drama, drama, drama. It was a little frustrating at times, but she’s a teenager girl who’s finding out who she is, it’s understandable. I kinda predicted the twist at the end, but it was still heart-wrenching all the same. And let’s just say, that by the end of the book, I still didn’t know who I wanted Scarlett to end up with, despite the cliff-hangery happily ever after. 
Ambrosia picks up right where Metamorphosis left off. I can’t really say much about it without spoiling the first book. However, I definitely knew who I wanted her to be with a fourth of the way into this book. Mason just kept making stupid, questionable decisions. Scarlett frustrated me a lot more in this one, at one point I even threw my iPad across the table because of her. But Ash, sweet Ash, made it all better of course. One of the things I loved most about Ambrosia was the alternating POVs between Scarlett, Mason, Ash, and even Max, Evie’s boyfriend. Oh, by the way, I loved all the supporting characters in these books. They are awesome. So Ambrosia is even more cliff-hangery happily ever after than the first one. What does that mean you ask? Well it means that there are lots of loose ends left, but at the moment, Scarlett is in a good place, for now at least. I was tricked! I thought Ambrosia would be the last of the series. Rude awakening much? Just kidding, I would love some more Ash. Can’t wait to see where Erin Noelle takes us next on Scarlett’s journey of life, pain, and love.

Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. First a bookkeeper, and now an author, she often jokes that she’s a woman of numbers by day and letters by night. Erin is an avid reader of all romance novels and a huge sports fan. Most nights you can find her cuddled up in bed with her husband, her Kindle in hand and a game of some sorts on tv. You can follow her on Facebook @
 Author Fun Facts
*Favorite food: bacon
*Originally went to college to be a nurse, ended up with a degree in British History; now works as a bookkeeper and an author
*Drives a Mini Cooper named VanderBlue
*Makes a rough draft& final copy of grocery list, which must be in the order it comes in the store
*Doesn’t eat anything that ends in –erry
*Loves to fold towels
*Listens to and sings Christmas carols year round


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