Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dominus Club - Submit by Evie Adams Review

**Warning! This book is 100% Alpha Dominance! If you don't like dirty talk and dominant males, move along** An Erotic Romance in 4 parts. Released weekly. This first part has an ending, not a cliffhanger, but hopefully you want to know what happens next. . .

The Dominus Club is Dorian Grant's refuge- from love and from life- but when Sela Ward enters it, he's willing to risk both for her.

The ability to trust gets washed out of us, like a red dress turned pink in the laundry. If they do not let go, completely let go, then the moment is ruined. The bliss I can promise goes away if they hold back, if their courage fails, if they start to fear the pleasure and the pain. But if they let go, then there are no limits.

Dominance is a form of prayer, of reverence. There's nothing like giving a woman exactly the ******** she's always wanted, always needed. Their pleasure becomes my own.

This club is my church. 

Dominus Club:  Submit by Evie Adams is the first installment in a four part erotic serial novella series. Right from the Prologue I was hooked on this book and finished it in one setting which makes for a FOUR LEAVES review! 
Sela and her boyfriend, Oren, would do anything for a story. They work as a team and have traveled to the war zones together. Sela and Oren are going to a dinner party for Dorian Grant, where they are not really welcome.  But Oren sees this as a story and will do anything for it. As Sela and Oren arrive at the party, Sela finds it’s not your typical party and everything in her world is about to turn upside down. 

Dorian is the owner of The Dominus and finds out that Sela is there under false pretenses.  Dorian makes a scene and takes Sela away from her boyfriend, Oren.  Right from the beginning you can tell that Dorian and Sela have an instant connection.  He takes her to his place to keep her save and you can see Dorian trying to deny it because he wants to follow the rules of his club. Dorian is a master and needs to have a Serva that will give herself to him without question. He will need to train Sela to be his Serva and she has a lot of trusting and work to do.

To wrap it all up, Dominus Club – Submit was a great start to this sexy series.  This was a quick and hot read that I enjoyed very much! I cannot wait for the rest of the books in this series to come out! No shame here, I would totally submit to Dorian too.


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I try to write seductive, sex-positive stories for men and women: hot wives, billionaires, anything goes, as long as the sex is a positive force for experimenting and growing closer together.


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