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The Opposite of Love by Dahlia Salvatore Review


The Opposite of Love follows the story of Brooke Wessex as she is seduced into a relationship and has to make some difficult decisions.

"What do you do when fate doesn't offer you a happily ever after?

Everyone must choose his or her own path.

I chose to play pretend.

I lived every day with guilt, frustration, and dissatisfaction. Despite the fact that we loved each other, my husband didn’t want me. Counselors and doctors had no answers for us. For a long time, I longed for something I couldn’t have. For love, I sacrificed pleasure. I struggled against desires ... until I got stuck in a cabin during a raging blizzard with Luc Partridge.

And I simply couldn't ignore the truth anymore ... "

Let’s start off by stating the elephant in the room, this book involves cheating.  If you don’t like reading about cheating then this book is not for you. But there was so much more to this story than cheating. There were some twists and turns that really made the story all the more interesting. 
Brooke and Dan Wessex have been happily married for years. Well, Dan has been happy in their marriage. For the last couple of years, Dan has lost his sex drive.  They have gone to therapy and spoken to doctors about the lack of physical interaction between them. Brooke, who has a very high sex drive, wants to have sex with her husband.  Brooke has decided she needs to stay with her husband because she really does love him. 
Brooke decides to take a vacation to mountains where she gets stranded in a cabin during a blizzard with a stranger named, Luc. As Brooke spends time with Luc she knows she is missing something and that is sex and Luc is one that can provide it for her.   Meeting Luc “aroused” something in her.  He was there at the right time and the right place.  Brooke wants to be loved, given attention, be desired, and wanted. These are natural feelings that she was starved for and Luc is the one that can help her with her needs.

This book was something I was not expecting. There is so much more to the story than cheating. I believe in my opinion, Brooke was always apologetic about her cheating with Luc, because truly she loved her husband.  The mystery along with the sexiness just made this book even more enjoyable. In the end, Brooke has to decide does she stick it out with her husband or does she have everything she has ever wanted with Luc? The book leaves with a “to be continued” so it makes you wonder if there will be a part two.  If there is not a part two, I would be okay with it.  In my mind the book ended how I wanted it to.

Author Dahlia Salvatore has delivered the reader a well-written and emotional book in Opposite of Love.  I felt my heart strings pulled in every direction possible in this story.  This book was quite an emotional roller coaster and I loved taking the journey with Brooke. I wasn’t sure which man I wanted Brooke to choose and you will never know from this review either. ;)

Favorite quote to explain the title: “The opposite of love isn’t always hate.  Sometimes it’s that middle ground, where one person is happy and other isn’t. I just know that I’m not happy…. But I intended to be.”


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