Monday, June 29, 2015

Take by Silvia Ami Review

 When FBI special agent Joss Dubois discovers that her best friend’s life is being threatened, she volunteers to be the Vegas dancer's official protection. Determined to solve the case before she loses one of the only people she loves, Joss becomes caught up in terrorism, attempted murder, and life behind-the-scenes of the seedy nightlife of Sin City.

Joss is forced to partner with the security manager at the Desert Casino, former Intel Marine, Ethan Gallagher. Despite her resistance to his charm, and her stubborn insistence on controlling the investigation, Ethan finds himself drawn to the smart, beautiful, tempting FBI agent. But Joss isn’t so eager to risk heartbreak after the tragedies of her past and her job has become the only thing she can count on.

When the threats against the people they’re protecting turn deadly, Ethan and Joss have to find a way to trust each other to track the hunter who lies in wait for the Desert’s dancers. But trust is a rare and fragile thing to Joss, and Ethan may not be up to the task despite the mutual attraction they can't deny or fight.

Will their new partnership blow up, or can it survive to take down the predator before it’s too late?

Fallers, I don't have a lot of time on my hands at the moment... which means I don't get to spend nearly as much time reading as I'd like. This book didn't stop me. I spent literally all day yesterday (Sunday) reading Take by Silvia Ami. I literally couldn't put it down--so, of course, I have to give it five leaves!

Ethan Gallagher runs security at an extremely popular casino in Vegas. Josie Dubois is an FBI agent just trying to make sure her best friend is safe. And of course, the two get thrown together when it seems someone is threatening Iris (Josie's aforementioned best friend). And let me tell you, fellow readers, the result is a pretty combustible, totally sweet combination. Both Josie and Ethan have a certain level of baggage, and neither are really looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with... but they kind of just keeping being pulled toward one another, even as danger looms in the distance.

I'll tell you this, Fallers--I love me some romance stories that have a great overarching story--as a rule, I'm not always a fan of "pure" romance novels (which, by my definition, are just about two people falling in love and that's pretty much it). This book is what I love about reading--there's great mystery, a sense of danger and suspense, some humor dabbled in, and, my favorite, a little bit of true love. Plus, if anyone of you are regular readers of my reviews, you know I'm also a huge fan of stories where real people (who don't lead charmed lives) fall in love and overcoming everyday obstacles (like their past and who's going to drive the car on the next date) and have genuine human interactions. Basically, my feeling was like, five smiley face emojis in a row the whole time I read Take.

The story was incredibly well-written, I LOVED the twist (even though I totally called it--but that's just something I try to do, I can't pretend I ever regularly predict the outcome) and Ethan and Josie were seriously just so... ugh. So sweet. But not in a sicky way--more in a "You guys are so falling for each other and you don't even know it" kind of sweet.

PLEASE PLEASE buy and read this book, Fallers. I adored it, and I'm sure you will too.


Silvia Ami has been a project engineer, an executive in a small business, and lately a rocket scientist (just kidding). She backpacked across Europe by train before the cheap-flight era, lived in Germany for five years, and learned Spanish from her husband.
She, her husband, and their two boys live in a condo not far from the sea in northwest Italy. They share a huge Hotwheels collection, a kitchen full of cooking gadgets, and a home-office that resembles Doc's lab in Back to the Future.
Silvia wrote TAKE after dreaming about the story and not being able to shoo the characters from her mind. Now that they are finally out, they have been replaced by the rest of the Gallagher clan.


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