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Changing Everything by Molly McAdams Review + Giveaway




Paisley Morro has been in love with Eli since she was thirteen years old. But being his best friend and wingman, while keeping her feelings under wraps, has grown more difficult with every passing year and every new woman in his life. After twelve years, Paisley is tired of the constant heartache and has finally decided it's time to lay all her feelings on the table.
Eli Jenkins has the life: his dream job, countless beautiful women, and a best friend who's the one he counts on for everything else. One conversation, however, threatens to not only change everything between them, but possibly cause Eli to lose the only girl who has ever meant anything to him.
When a family tragedy forces Eli to take a hard look at his life, he realizes life without Paisley isn't a life at all. Only now, he may be too late.

“Where are you going again?”

“Oh my God, Eli, for the fiftieth time … I’m going to a bonfire with a bunch of my cousins and their friends.”

“And you didn’t invite me?”

I stopped walking and just stood there staring off at the ocean. “Talking to you is like talking to a child, Eli Jenkins! You’ve asked that in that exact same wounded voice every time I’ve told you what I’m doing today. And for the last time, I didn’t invite you because the last time you saw my cousins you pulled a Will Ferrell … except it worked.”

“It’s not my fault your cousins were wasted and actually thought we were going streaking, and ended up getting busted by the cops.”

“Well, that’s not how they feel about it.”


Blame It On The Rain – He Is We | Chapter 1 (Paisley) Bar/Truck/Eli’s apartment

Say Something – A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera | Chapter 3 (Eli) Coffee shop

9 Crimes – Damien Rice | Chapter 5 (Eli) Hospital / (Paisley) End of BDay Surprise

Eyes Wide Open – Gotye | Chapter 6 (Eli) Office / (Paisley) Bar

Don’t Go – Jake Coco, Caitlin Hart | Chapter 7 (Eli) Outside Paisley’s apartment

Be Your Everything – Boys Like Girls | Chapter 7 (2 Eli) His apartment

Only You’re The One – Lifehouse | Chapter 8 (Paisley) Eli wakes her up

Moonlight Crush – Outshyne | Chapter 11 (Eli) Truck bed

Dance Without You – Skylar Grey | Chapter 12 (Paisley) Truck

Heart By Heart – Demi Lovato | Chapter 12 (Paisley) Inside the cottage


Molly McAdams is my one-click favorite author.  Anytime she has a new book, I one-click that book as fast is I can say...yes! My favorite thing about Molly's writing is the way she can deliver an unique story that I can devour in a matter of hours.  Changing Everything is apart of the Forgiving Lies Series, it can always be read as a standalone as this book focuses on Rachel and Candice's brother, Eli.  
This is the story of Eli and Paisley.

Paisley Morro has been in live with her best friend, Eli Jenkins for twelve years. Paisley knows Eli loves her to, but in the best friends for life, love.  Paisley has been placed in the dreaded friend-zone, she is also his wingman.  Paisley has seen him go through women like he blinks his eyes.  Paisley has never said anything to Eli because she is afraid it will change everything between them and her friendship to Eli means so much to her.  When Paisley meets someone that she could potentially see herself falling in love with and even marrying, she believes it is time to tell Eli the truth of her feelings to him.  Paisley knows that if Eli does not want her it will crush it but she needs to know so she can truly gave her heart to someone else that will love her like she loves Eli.

Changing Everything is not just a simply love story, it so such more than that!! It's about understanding what you want in life and fighting for it even though you might not like the outcome of it. You will never know the end result if you do not go for something that you love!! Sorry for the simple review, but I want you as the read to enjoy all of this book as if I am reading it for the first time. I will tell you that when you finish this book it will leave a smile on your face!


 Molly McAdams grew up in California but now lives in the oh-so-amazing state of Texas with her husband and four-legged daughters. Her hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, traveling and long walks on the beach, which roughly translates to being a homebody with her hubby and dishing out movie quotes. When she's not at work, she can be found hiding out in her bedroom surrounded by her laptop, cell, Kindle and fighting over the TV remote. She has a weakness for crude-humored movies, fried pickles and loves curling up in a fluffy comforter during a thunderstorm.


 Molly’s next book will be Trusting Liam: A Taking Chances and Forgiving Lies Novel, available on June 9th, 2015
Trusting Liam Amazon link:


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