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Book Review + Giveaway — Unavoidable by Yara Greathouse


Life has not been kind to Brianna Gilmore. After a terrible childhood and adolescence she is able to escape her troubled past and disappear. A few years later she is starting over attending the university of her dreams. Dating is not even a bleep on her radar. After all the terrible experiences she has had with men throughout her life, she is not ready to give her heart away. Unfortunately, she cannot avoid the charms of Colton Hensley.

Colton is used to getting everything he wants. He has the looks and the money – until he meets Brianna. Pursuing her is a challenge, and getting to know her is nearly impossible since she is reluctant to give in to him. The mystery of this adventurous, adrenaline seeking, tough talking, most beautiful girl he has ever seen – is driving him insane. She is all that he can think about.

And when someone dangerous comes after Brianna, will she be able to avoid telling Colton about her past?


~*Meet The Characters*~


It’s really hard to keep your personal space open when you have a bunch of guys trying to grind on you. I’m looking around the dance floor trying to find one friendly face that interests me. Nothing. I look away, past the dance floor, and scan the crowd. My eyes stop cold when I see a pair of gray eyes that I have gotten to know too well these past few days. His square jaw tenses, and I can see from here how his pecs tighten against the dark gray short sleeved t-shirt he is wearing tonight. Oooh, fuckety fuck! I try to signal Ciara to look, but she is too busy making gooey eyes to a guy next to her. I look back to where Colton was, but I don’t see him. Did I imagine it? Am I losing my mind?

Three seconds later, I feel the heat and the energy behind me. I don’t need to look, I already know who it is. I make myself look over my shoulder to catch him giving the stink eye to all the guys around me. He smells great, and looks good enough to lick every single inch of his body. I gently smile and simply mouth the word “Hi.”

Colton gets closer until his hard body is perfectly aligned with mine. He gently removes my hair from the side of my face angled toward him and pulls it onto my other shoulder in order to uncover my ear, and then he gets closer and whispers… “You are a sight to see, Brianna. I’m taking a mental picture of the way you are looking so that I can use it later on to satisfy my… thirst. And girl, you smell like heaven. This is exactly where I want to be, nestled against my heaven.” I feel his hands grab my hips and he pulls me even closer to him. I hate to admit it to myself - It feels great!

He buries his nose on my neck and inhales deeply, moving his lips up my neck while breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth so I can feel the warm air, his warm air, against my very receptive, sensitive skin. His lips move ever so slowly until he places them, barely touching, lightly against the bottom part of my earlobe. This tame gesture makes me feel like a wild animal. There is a fire being ignited down there. Adrenaline is flowing through my body from top to bottom, causing the heat to rise up. I just know my cheeks are cherry red. Then I hear him breathing hard – his lips are still next to my ear – and that’s when he moves in for the kill: his teeth wrap the bottom of my earlobe and he pulls on it ever so gently. I close my eyes and give in to the sensation. His lips take over where his teeth had been and slowly move up my earlobe, his warm breath is intoxicating and I feel his tongue tracing a thin line around the edge of my ear. 

When I can’t take it anymore, my eyes open wide and I start to peel my body away from his, away from him. He uses his large hands in an attempt to pull me back in, but I am stronger than the girls he is used to dealing with, and albeit he makes a good attempt, I pry loose from his grip. When I start to walk away, his hand grabs mine and pulls me in, like a well rehearsed dance move. Dear God! We are now face to face and I’m straddling his thigh. Giving me a sideway smile, that beautiful smile with the slight crooked tooth in the bottom row, all my senses are on full alert. I can smell his minty breath mixed with a sweet, cinnamon scent. He winks at me, and places his cheek next to mine, one of his hands is still holding my hand and his other arm is around me, they are such a sweet torturing device.

Since he is holding my right hand, I slowly move my left one from the top of his shoulder down to his pec, I stop at his nipple, and I graze it with the tip of my index finger, then flick it with my nail. It responds to my touch immediately, getting hard and taut. Two can play this game. I look at him and lick my top lip. I see him inhale deeply, closing his eyes and grunting. Smiling, I continue my south-bound exploration. As my hand moves, my fingertips can feel every ridge, every line of his well-defined abs. On the left side of my pelvis, I feel every inch of his most precious weapon. It is long, thick and it is strong. I want to look down so bad, but I don’t. Instead, I look up at him, and find that he’s looking at me with a tight jaw and stormy eyes. Oh-oh, I think I may have gotten myself in a deep, sweet mess. That’s when mercifully for me, the music set ends, and everyone stops dancing and leaves the dance floor.

He chuckles in my ear, and says “There is never a good time for this type of situation.” He looks down at me and continues “I’m going to need your help – can you cover me until we get to the table?”

“Sure thing. Just walk behind me.” I smile sympathetically at him, batting my eyelashes a little while wrapping his arm around my neck leading him away from the dance floor. Silently I wonder how I let myself fall into this situation, and yet I smile inside my head because I loved every second of it. 

~*Review by Ashton*~

I rate Unavoidable by Yara Greathouse FOUR LEAVES!

Unavoidable has a fantastic love story with a down right sexy male lead, but what really pulled me in was the character, Brianna Gilmore. Brianna is just BADASS! There is no better way to describe her personality. She grew up with an alcoholic and abusive mother, and then ran away at 16 years old into an even worse situation.  After that, she joined the military and now has major combat and weaponry skills. Literally, she drives a motorcycle and has a storage unit filled with guns, knives, bows, etc...So, like I said, she is badass. 

When you read Unavoidable, I know you will feel as refreshed as I did, because Brianna gave Colton a run for his money. She really made him work for it, and I was so proud of her for that. In most of the novels we read, there is a little game play after the two characters meet, but then by chapter 2...maybe 3, they are already "falling in love." Overtime, that can get a little repetitive and annoying. It's not real life, so you will definitely enjoy this story from that aspect.

Let's talk about Mr. Colton Hensley. Funny, handsome, athletic, alpha male. Colton was not looking for a relationship, and neither was Brianna, but they were instantly attracted to each other. Brianna fights hard to stay away from Colton, and Colton fights hard to break down Brianna's walls. Eventually, he makes his way into her heart, and the STEAMY scenes begin. I won't spoil them for you, but just know... Colton is sex-on-a-"magic"-stick in the bedroom.

Brianna has managed to keep her past from Colton, until her moment of heroism is broadcast to the world, forcing her to tell him the truth. Brianna is faced with losing Colton and preparing to fight the evil from her past at the same time. 

I absolutely recommend Unavoidable to all of our FALLowers! You will love the steamy and sweet moments between the lovers, and you will be inspired by Brianna's strength. 

 ~*About the Author*~

Yara Greathouse spends her days working for a living in the travel industry and volunteers for the community with Meals on Wheels. At night, she locks her office doors and begs not to be interrupted unless there is a fire in the house, blood is being spilled or a tornado is coming by. Sometimes it works, but she has found that acting as a Tasmanian devil is the most effective way to stop any and all interruptions while she is writing.

She loves writing, reading and cooking – not necessarily in that order because, as you may know, it will always depend on what kind of mood she is in. She seems to always get caught up in some comedic situation that causes her friends to laugh with her, and now they recognize that if something is going to happen to anyone, it will happen to her.

Her favorite sport is people watching and eavesdropping on ongoing conversations anywhere and everywhere. According to her, this helps with character development. She also enjoys taking pictures of questionable strangers without their knowledge and of weird things she comes across.

Join her in her journey of creating great characters and great stories that will make you laugh and will also touch your heart.

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