Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Red Skies at Dawn Review

Sammie Brown is involved with Jake, a biker, but it is his arrogant half brother that keeps invading her thoughts. Jake was an animal in bed but there was no fire, not like what she felt when his brother Mitch Baldwin kissed her. Sammie reluctantly agrees to go to Sturgis with Jake to see if she should continue their relationship, and on the way she finds out that he is very different than he has led her to believe. He gets mad and abandons her, forcing her to accept the protection of his half brother Mitch, or "Cowboy" as the bikers call him. The fire between Sammie and Mitch gets too hot to be refused and they give in to their passion, not knowing that Jake is watching. Mitch and Sammie realize that there is something special between them. Mitch vows to keep Sammie safe, but will he be able to protect her from his own brother?
Lo's Review:
Red Skies at Dawn is a beautiful story of two people falling in love unexpectedly. I rated this book Three & One Half Leaves, because even after experiencing a beautiful love story, I still felt something was missing. After viewing the cover and reading the description, I'll admit I was a little nervous because the motorcycle content is not something I would normally read. At times, the content almost makes it hard to relate to the characters of the story. Although, it easy to see the love story, even through the different style of writing. The intensity between Mitch and Sammie is one of my favorite parts. It’s obvious from early on that there is more than friendship between the two. I was looking forward to reading a savory, erotic, love story, but with only two minimal sex scenes, I felt let down. With a few twists at the end, I was surprised and left with questions (I promise not to reveal spoilers!). Hopefully, Karen will write a sequel to answer these lingering questions. I would also love to see Sammie and Mitch's relationship play out for a little longer. I’ve never been into bikers and riding motorcycles, but this book made me want to jump on the back of a Harley with a sexy man and ride off into the sunset.
About the Author:

Karen S. Johnson currently lives near Branson, Missouri with her two cats, Maxwell and Bobby Joe. She chose nursing as her profession shortly after high school and loves helping others. She loves reading and learned to love writing while in middle school. She has had several individual poems published over the years. She first dreamed of writing a novel while in high school. Her stories are based on her own experiences and her vivid imagination.

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