Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Step on in and have a read

Here we go...

Needless to say, I have been putting this off for some time.

This is my rooftop for writing for the hell of it (ranting for the hell of it), posting story ideas, uploading current chapters, and suggesting books for friends, family, and other audience members.

Warning: I have never ever been good at sticking to anything. Especially childhood diaries and the whole Xanga/Myspace era.  

This blog will put me on "front street". You (whoever you are) will see just how delusional my brain is. Because when it comes to love, I just can't give up. I was born a hopeless romantic, and I will die the same. As a kid, my barbies did only the following four things: fall in love, get married, have sex, and make babies. This childhood memory says a great deal about the type of person I am; because those four are, to this day, the main things I think and dream about.

Although it has had its' high points, my love life has never EVER been like it is in the books and movies. Ugly guys, rude guys, users, abusers, in-the-closet, terrible love-making, small genitals...you name it, I've had it. Therefore, I make it my personal mission to give my female leads everything I never had and anything my imagination can conjure up. As for the male leads, you will not go without ;-).  

There's going to be a lot of sex...just letting you know. I get extremely frustrated when a book or series makes you wait on the good, juicy love scenes (ahem...Twilight). So, I made it a goal to always write straightforward, blush-inducing sex scenes. I want you (the reader) to verbally say, "OH MY GOD!" out loud while reading my words. Soak it up and enjoy it, because you know I did when I was writing it.

As for the title of this blog, it comes with a theory. My theory is men and women (or men and men/women and women, whichever tickles your fancy) seek a companion in the fall season. Maybe it's because people don't like to be lonely during the holiday months or cold during those long winter days and nights. Whatever the reason, there is always an influx in relationships around the month of October. Of course, these relationships have a tendency to tapper off around April, because non-married people like to be single in the summer. Why do you think there is a such thing called "summer love"? Danny and Sandy
didn't sing "SPRING lovin, had me blast" in Grease, did they? Hell no. Because spring is for breaking up, summer is for hooking up, winter is for snuggling up, and fall is for f**king...just kidding. Fall is for falling in love.

So in regards to anything published here... please comment. Good, bad, constructive, just plain rude...I don't care. I need all the help I can get. I have committed to writing a creative thesis for my master's work, and I plan to publish each chapter here. My committee consists of three men, so a variety of opinion is needed before I present anything to them.

I hope you step on in and have a read. I will try to publish 2-4 times a week. Tomorrow, I will post a suggestion list of titles I have read over the summer. Just a heads up...Because my genre is contemporary romance, most of what I like to read is the same.

Living and writing the prologue of my life,



  1. Love it! Will be here to support your blog all the way, sis:-) Go big or go home!!!

  2. Amazing!! I literally laughed-out-loud several times! I will be sharing and reading your blog on a regular basis. Keep on going, I know this will be epic!!