Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Surrender Your Love Review

Jett Mayfield. Millionaire.  

"...the way the guy walked—full of confidence and cockiness—"

"...a deep, sexy rumble of a voice that had just a hint of a Southern accent."
"...judging from his wicked grin, definitely not the kind of man you bring home to meet your parents."
"His wet, dark hair was a tad too long and disheveled..."
"His coat...did nothing to hide his broad shoulders and muscular build..."
"...his electric eyes shimmered like emeralds."

Brooke Stewart, real estate agent, was scheduled to meet Mr. Mayfield, owner of Mayfield Realties, for drinks to discuss a partnership with her much smaller firm. She got the handsome Mr. Townsend instead. With a no-show from Mayfield and an inappropriate exchange from Townsend, Brooke leaves the meeting flustered and ready for a glass of wine. When Brooke wakes up the next morning, Townsend is naked in the bed beside her. She found him at the same club her and her best friend/roommate, Sylvie, attended the night before. When she arrives at work the next morning, her boss informs her she has been let go in order to report for work at Mayfield Realties. You have an idea where this is going, don't you?  
Upon arrival at Mayfield Realties, she is greeted by the front desk attendant with an envelope. She was to fly to Italy immediately to meet Mayfield to work on an important estate project. Add a dump session from her boyfriend, another night out with Sylvie, and a second "closed door" go around with Townsend, and we have arrived to a plot twist. Townsend=Mayfield! Same guy?! Yes, we knew that was coming, but still Jett is too hot to put down.   
The sexual attraction between the two characters jumps off the page, especially during the closet scene ;-) When it doesn't, Jett's confident remarks remind you. "The moment I met you, I knew you wanted me as much as I wanted you. Don't even pretend it's not true."
Mayfield proposes a type of deal us erotica fans have come to love. Together, they sign a Consensual Sexual Acts and Confidentiality Agreement. Let the naughty, interoffice sex begin! Amidst all of the oh-so-deliciousness that is Jett Mayfield and his wicked bedroom ways, the reader learns more about the important estate project Brooke was sent to Italy to work on. The Lucazzone Estate. The reader learns about the history of the estate and why Mayfield says he wants the property, but there seems to be missing elements to his story.
Jett and Brooke's relationship progressively grows as the story plays out. They tell stories of their pasts and slowly pull the walls down. Brooke, more so than Jett. Eventually, the two decide to ignore the no-strings contract and start a relationship. When Brooke returns home, she finds a letter and receives a call from Jake Clarkson, a lawyer who needs to meet with her to discuss an urgent matter. At their meeting, Brooke discovers she is the heir to the Lucazzone Estate.
Brooke confronts Jett about the set up and lies she believed him to be apart of. He didn't deny it, but he proclaimed his love for her and mentioned protecting her. She leaves his office heartbroken and planning to keep him from obtaining the Lucazzone Estate. End of book one.
Brook and Jett's story continues in Conquer Your Love.
Releases June 1st!
I highly recommend Surrender Your Love to all of my FALLowers! When describing a character, a setting, or a situation, J.C. Reed pulls her readers in to her written word twister with a whirl wind of emotion and sensuality. I've read tons of stories filled with some of the most blush-inducing sex scenes known to the erotica community, but there was just something about that kiss in the closet. A simple kiss, and I fell in lust with Mr. Mayfield. A heart-wrenching fight on the last page. The tear of Brooke's broken heart. It was then I knew I was in love with Jett.  
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