Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meeting Jamie McGuire + Walking Disaster Prologue

Yesterday was so awesome, because I finally got to meet one of my favorite authors, Jamie McGuire. One of my best friends and I made a whole day of it and drove to Northern Oklahoma College (where Jamie went to college and the inspired location of Beautiful Disaster) to attend the book signing. We were totally shocked when she began the Q&A session by reading the prologue to Walking Disaster! The prologue takes us back to the goodbye scene between Travis and his mother before she passes away. So sad :-( The Q&A answered many lingering questions I had from the first book and what was to come in Walking Disaster. Jamie talked about book sales, self publishing, Beautiful Disaster - the movie, Pigeon (the nickname), the butterfly book covers, and so much more... Many of her family members were in attendance, so it was exciting to see her support team. I recorded the reading, and the link to view it is below. I missed about 30 seconds at the beginning, but the rest is there for your viewing! Enjoy <3

Jodie and I anxiously waiting outside the conference room!

Such a sweetheart <3

Autograph ~ She even noticed it was a self-published copy!

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