Friday, October 5, 2012

Dirty School Girl Fantasy & Another Dirty Dozen Begins

It is time I confess to the world my sick fantasy about sleeping with a professor. Teachers too, but saying Professor in the bedroom is a little sexier than Mister -----. I love to play the dirty school girl. Plaid skirt, thigh-high hosiery, black patten, strap-around-the-ankle panties. I blame it on daddy issues, and I have a lot of those. I was about to say the older, the better, but then I thought you might throw up. I have standards, but a professor between the ages of 24 and 45 wearing grandpa attire that disguises their average, lanky to medium frame...ooooohhhhhh yyyyyeeeeesssss! I admit I had professors and teachers in undergraduate and high school that just turned me on at first sight. If it was an 8:00 class, I was there looking cute and being extra attentive. There is something about an intelligent man who gets excited about his work that keeps my imagination running in the sack at night. Clicking away at their Power Points, their voice becomes soothing, but then you get caught...

"Professor? Do you think you could give me a quick run through of Chapter 11 before our exam?" Ashton says seductively as she takes her seat on the desk, heels on the leather-bound arm rest of his wing back chair, legs opened to his undivided attention.

"Th-at wou-ou-ld be the um re-re-reproduc-duc-duc-tive chapter." The professor stutters as his hands nervously grasp the crease of his pant legs. He relishes the familiar twitch in his underwear.

"That would be the one, Professor. But I specifically need help on the female reproductive section." She reaches down to massage the folds and directs the Professor's eyes to her most delicate and sensitive apex.

All nervousness disappearing, the Professor confidently says, "It would be my pleasure to help you with that Ms. Ghaemi."

The Professor's thumbs trace circle patterns while leading the rest of his strong hands under her plaid skirt then sliding along her warm, inner thighs. The moment his lips lay gentle kisses on the crease between her upper thigh and her sex, a convulsion ripples through her body causing an arch of her back and her head to fall behind her. She looks down to watch his play of seduction at the moment he peers up to meet her stare and his mouth parts freeing his tongue.

"Ms. Ghaemi? Ms. Ghaemi?" The Professor's urgent and stressed voice pulls me from the depths of my fantasy.

"Yeehhhsss." I say trembling as reality absorbs the fantasy. Chuckles are heard from my peers, as well as the vibration of quiet, shaking laughter coming from my best friend, Joe, in the seat beside me.

"Are you alright?" The Professor's kind and comforting words remind me of his eagerness to pleasure me in his dark office, upon the rich, mahogany desk. The thought provokes another tremble through my body.

"Offf courrssee." My breathy voice reveals the state of my mind, and the other students do not try to conceal their pleasure in my moment of embarrassment.

Returning to his presentation, the Professor leans over his desk to click the mouse for the next slide but not before he looks at my hot, blushed face and gives me a gorgeous smile and a flirtatious wink.

Joe's words break through my trance. "Girl, you betta tuck that bottom lip back up where it belongs. You're drooling on the homework."

"Was I that obvious?"

"Obvious? Shoot honey. I'm gonna have to change my panties after that!"            

What possessed me to reveal such an intimate part of my imagination? That would be the first two books on the list, Another Dirty Dozen, Part I.

1-2) Gabriel's Inferno; Gabriel's Rapture

The moment I read this story was about a professor and a graduate student, I downloaded it to my Kindle App. Just by looking at the book covers, you know it's going to be a hot and steamy semester ;-)

Professor Gabriel Emerson has many skeletons in his closet, but like any great wounded and mysterious leading man, he hides behind his prestigious career in education, as well as his passion as a Dante Specialist.

Julia Mitchell is a new graduate student in Professor Emerson's Dante program. She came to the University of Toronto because of Gabriel. Although he doesn't remember her, Gabriel stole Julia's heart many years before. He has become her obsession, but his arrogance and rude demeanor almost causes him to lose Julia, just as he realizes who she is.

The two must keep their connection secret from the eyes of other students, faculty, and administrators, while Gabriel deals with the demons of his past, and Julie travels the rocky roads of innocence, love, and self-discovery.

Gabriel's Inferno and Rapture became my obsession for about a week. I was so sad to see the story come to an end, but earlier this week, I read Sylvain Reynard signed a contract to write a third and final book! So exciting!

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