Friday, September 14, 2012

The Strip Dance

Thank you Shannon for being the first to release a dirty-sad-lovey memory from my past by becoming a follower! For every new follower, I'll reveal a new one.
This story is a little dirty and kind of sad. Don't worry, there are more very embarrassing stories ahead, but I have to ease my way in.
(pic: Prom 2006- please ignore my too light foundation color!)
When I was in high school, my best friend Ben and I would have dance parties in his living room. He had this hallway that lead to his parents bedroom and bathroom but was closed off from the living room by two venetian doors. We would turn on "Dirty" by Christina Aguilera on the living room sound system and wait in the hall like backup dancers, flipping the hall light on and off (for effects) and jiggling the doors open and close during the intro of the song.  Here, have a listen while reading...
So, the music is blasting and right after Redman says, "You ain't here to party!", we would bust through the doors and you would have thought we were on stage at the 2005 Video Music Awards. Leaping off of couches, chairs, and the fireplace, we were an explosion of ridiculousness. Ben's house also had a staircase to the right of the front door that traveled up to meet a catwalk/balcony for the home's second level. You know we didn't waste such a good space. Lots of crawling and banister grinding to Christina's beats. Only with Ben could I escape to an imaginary dance world. And yes, we tortured our friends to live performances, multiple times.
(pic: Josh Gracin Concert- Summer 2006) 
During my junior year, Ben and I concocted a plan to help me win over the heart of the boy, who single-handedly ruined me for every other guy who came into my life years after he became a memory (that's a story for another day). Seduction was the key. A strip dance was the plan, and Ben had all the right moves. We spent hours perfecting the naughtiest little dance, which I'm pretty sure was to be the precursor to me losing my virginity. I mean, once you're in it, you better be ready to win it. 

I hate to tell you the story ends here. Blame it on the boy's predictability to be a douche bag, but he never got the dance, because he didn't deserve it. On the bright side, Ben and I had etched another fun and crazy moment into our past together. He has this beautiful spirit that lights a fire in anyone within his presence. I <3 you Ben!

Here is the song we choreographed the dance to. You might remember it from the soundtrack to City of Angels. Perfect strip dance song, right? Pretty easy to say the boy missed out.


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