Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: Please, Pretty Light by Ina Zajac

Adult Literary Fiction

Published by BookTrope

Released July 2014


It’s September when good girl Via Sorenson stumbles into a Seattle strip club, drunk and alone on her twenty-first birthday. Matt and Nick—best friends, bandmates, and bouncers—do their best to shield her from their sadistic cocaine-trafficking boss, Carlos. They don’t realize her daddy issues come with a forty-million-dollar trust fund and a legacy she would do anything to escape.

She is actually Violetta Rabbotino, who had been all over the news ten years earlier when her father, an acclaimed abstract artist, came home in a rage, murdered her mother, then turned the gun on himself. Young Violetta was spared, hidden behind the family Christmas tree, veiled by the mysticism of its pretty lights whose unadulterated love captivated and calmed her.

Now, desperate to shed her role as orphaned victim, Via stage dives into a one-hundred-day adventure with Matt and Nick, the bassist and drummer of popular nineties cover band Obliviot. The rock-and-roll lifestyle is the perfect distraction—until she is rattled by true love. As Christmas looms closer, her notorious past becomes undeniable. How will she ever untangle herself from her twisted string of pretty lights?

  ~Review by Jodie Rae~
I rated Please Pretty Lights by Ina Zajac FOUR LEAVES! 
I read this book in one sitting because it sucked me in and left me wanting for more at the end. It really is an amazing book and I truly recommend it. I will warn you, this book isn't for everyone.  If you love gritty, consuming, and emotional books, then this book is for you!!  
Please Pretty Lights owned me from the first page to the last. It had my emotions all over the place–from frustration to pure elation. Most of my jumbled emotions were due to the heroine, Via, and her understandable yet disturbing behavior. My heart truly ached for all that had happened to her at the young age of eleven.  A decade later on her twenty-first birthday everything changes for her.

After that night, she becomes the exact opposite from the girl that teaches Bible classes at her church to the girl that gets into sex and drugs, and becomes a stripper.  From the night, two very special are brought her into her life, Matt and Nick.  As the book goes on, the lives of the three weave togther perfectly and they start to dependent on each other.  The story gets very dark by the end of the book.  I don't want to say much more about the story without spoiling it, so you need to read it! I highly suggest it.

The characters, the story, the setting, the plot...everything worked for me. I was totally absorbed and did not want it to end! The story is told in 3rd person (not my favorite, but it worked), I enjoyed the perspective of three of the main characters, and all their emotions. This is a must read. I have to warn you this isn’t a feel good romance. This book touches on some very serious issues.

  ~About the Author~

Ina Zajac is an award-winning journalist, avid people watcher, and lover of quirk and contrast. Her writing is heavily influenced by her fascination with music, art, and her hometown of Seattle.

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